Trading Tools

Economic Calendar

Featured Site provides an Economic Calendar for the dates of critical fundamental announcements and events. When properly used, these indicators can be an invaluable resource for any CFD trader.

Economic Events

The dynamic and ever-evolving global markets are constantly creating volatility in various CFD trading instruments. will exclusively break-down the major economic events from around the world, which will help you stay in the loop and understand the latest trends.

Leverage and margin policy

The Margin Level indicates how close your account is to a margin call. It is calculated as Equity/Initial Margin and is typically shown in “%”. When the margin level decreases, your account bears increased risk of liquidation. We call this the Close Out (stop out) Level and explain it further below. You are advised that you should monitor this margin level at all times. Whilst we may from time to time send you notifications of your Margin Level reaching certain thresholds, you are reminded that under the Investment Services Agreement between you and us it is your responsibility to monitor at all times the margin level and take relevant actions. Traders Trends

Featured Site

The Traders Trends Feature presents the buy and sell trends of traders, updating every few minutes. The displayed percentages of an instrument’s sentiment value are calculated to the nearest 1%, and are derived from real data of live open & recently closed positions. Trending Now

Filter, search and find the top trending instruments in real-time market conditions via the Trending Now Feature. Available in the Web Trader platform and iOS/Android apps, the Trending Now Feature can help you pinpoint which instruments rank at the top of lists in several categories.

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