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The Traders Trends Feature presents the buy and sell trends of traders, updating every few minutes. The displayed percentages of an instrument’s sentiment value are calculated to the nearest 1%, and are derived from real data of live open & recently closed positions. Traders trends feature relates to the number of trades.

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Analyzing any of more than 2000 instruments, the innovative Feature keeps traders in sync with the pulse of an instrument. All events that may have immediate global impact on the dynamics and volatility of an instrument are factored into the sentiment value percentages, updated and refreshed every few minutes.

How can traders potentially benefit from traders trends Feature?

The Feature can help traders:

Gain a deeper understanding of instrument trends amongst traders
Evaluate and make trading decisions with consideration of the latest buy & sell trends.
Determine the timing of trade execution and identify potentially profitable trading opportunities.
Decide which trade expiry times can deliver optimal trading results.
Develop trade duration strategies & the potentially profitable buy and sell times.

Here is an example of how the Feature appears in our mobile app in real-time. The sentiment value of this particular currency pair, the EUR against the USD, indicates that the buy percentages exceed sell percentages.

Within the same screen, traders can view a summary of their EUR/USD positions and orders, (past and current), instrument details, and the visual representation of the instrument’s price volatility per selected time frame; this currency pair’s price volatility is illustrated within the timeframe of the last 15 minutes.

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The trader’s trends feature is available via our Android/iOS mobile apps for user accessibility.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ‘Traders Trends’ is not intended and should not be construed as investment advice, inducement or recommendation to trade any financial instrument. It is provided to you for general information purposes only and does not have regard to your particular investment circumstances or objectives. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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