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Introducing Events & Trade is committed to offering you new and innovative online trading tools. Designed specifically with informed traders in mind, our Events & Trade service sorts through the annual economic calendar, presenting you with potential trading opportunities on a variety of currency pairs and at a number of different time frames.

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No longer will you have to manually sort through an abundance of upcoming economic indicators, which can get overwhelming at times. Events & Trade does this for you by analysing the impact each report has had historically on related currency pairs when the figures have: exceeded market expectations, fallen short or come in as forecasted.

This provides you with actionable information that can be used to generate entry points or as a valuable confirmation tool for your existing methods of analysis.

How to use Events & Trade?

Events & Trade looks much like a traditional economic calendar, with the main difference being that it automatically filters upcoming events, displaying only those that have exhibited significant statistical trends.

On the home screen you’re presented with a list of upcoming events, their country of origin, when they are due to occur and how many signals are available. You also have the option of adding the events to your Google or Outlook calendars.

Should any of the events take your interest, you can access more detailed information about each individual indicator. This information includes the pairs it is most likely to affect, at what time frames, the direction of the projected trend and the probability of the projected trend holding based on the past twelve occasions the report was released.

Clicking on any individual signal brings up a summary page that presents the rise or fall probability of the pair in question depending on how the final data compares to the pre-release consensus. From this page, you can also drill down into each of the past twelve occasions the report was released and view exactly how the market reacted at the time.
To use the feature, simply select an upcoming news event from the Events & Trade calendar, for example UK’s GDP Growth Rate QoQ Final.

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Once you click on this event, you’ll see a list of currency pairs, time frames and potential opportunities. Once you’ve chosen which opportunity you want to explore, for example the EUR/USD pair, select by clicking it and you’ll see a summary page that lists the previous 12 UK GDP events and appropriate price charts. This page also gives you the consensus for the effect the event will have on the financial markets.

You can also select “Highlight Historical Events” to access advanced charts on how EUR/USD behaved for the last 12 events. This allows you to evaluate the opportunity in detail before deciding whether to open a trading position.

How does Events & Trade work?

Events & Trade uses a proprietary algorithm to scan consensus data from over 30 leading economists from across the globe, comparing their forecasts with actual market reactions after each and every economic report is released. This information allows Events & Trade to forecast how individual financial markets are likely to react in the short and medium term if the figures come in higher or lower than the market expects.

You can think of Events & Trade as a statistical helping hand, making sense of the plethora of constantly changing data and directing your attention to statistically significant patterns.

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